TIKANGA / IMMUTABLE  DIVINE LAW, common to all, disadvantageous to none, is the divine law that
Maori understood held them sovereign, whole and complete, one with ALL Life, ALL-inclusive, ALL
Tikanga/Immutable Divine Law (Heart-Wisdom) does not conflict with or run contrary to reason
(Head-Learning), rather it goes beyond.

KAWA encompasses the legislative practices encapsulated in words to ensure man's management of
him/herself/life-forms and all God-given resources never breaches Tikanga. These words integral to the
very soul of Maori pre-date in form and practice the coming of the pakeha and the written word.

UTU is the ONE LAW that held Maori society together, being the understanding that cause and effect are
ONE, not two, the effect (fruit) being the direct result of the cause (seed). We reap what we sow.
Tikanga stems from the Divine and as such is never-changing, forever immutable, never to be
watered-down or adulterated. The 'correct', 'righteous' ways.

Being im-mutable there is NO variation. Being Immutable Tikanga is in it's very essence divine;
universal, applying to all; all-inclusive excluding no-one; infinite, is not limited in potential; omniscient,
includes all knowledge; omnipresent, operates in the eternal NOW, omnipotent, all-powerful there
being no other power; harmonious, ensuring the seed sown delivers it's appropriate fruit.  

U-TU is the ONE law that held Maori society together.

(Utu is vengeance or revenge ONLY to the unenlightened, those who have
fallen under and accepted
the belief in their separation from the Divine Source.  They thus have become
subject, no longer

U-TU is in fact the conscious awareness that every vibration generated brings a like vibration to its
It is the understanding that a seed planted will bring the fruits of that seed, the seed already having by
divine design within itself, ALL that is necessary to fulfill itself through, to, and beyond, physical
maturity. Whether the seed is physical, mental or spiritual and irrespective of person, the law of
Tikanga operates regardless i.e. is immutable. We are returned exactly what we think, say, or do.
Divine law is thus fulfilled, in the very same moment of our thinking, saying, doing.

It is the divine law of 'sowing and reaping', the scientific law of 'cause and effect', the same law as 'do
unto others as you would have them do unto you'.

Likewise the  individual receives, is nurtured from Source. ALL is received from the Source,
unconditionally.  Aroha, Love is established, ALL given to us ALL, freely; not earned, deserved, charged
for, exclusive. This Divine demonstration is our guidance for how we are to live with one another, in
that same image and likeness.  An apple seed will bring forth an apple tree and apples, in due season,
not an elephant that becomes a cup.  Thoughts, actions, laws, that abuse and violate bring the fruit of
their kind, and can never bring peace and harmony. This is UTU, Tikanga/Immutable Divine Law,
common to all, disadvantageous to none, not engineered, or able to be engineered, by man.

U-tanga mai - entry point, TU -a te ture - steadfast
UTU is standing steadfast, True, never deviating from our point of entry, our Divine Source from
whence we came and with which we forever remain united.
Our deviation from the Divine Source into 'this world' is our thinking, our words and our actions that
do NOT align with Tikanga.  The equivalent in the Bible,"the place whereon you stand is holy ground".
Our 'stand', the stance we take, whether thinking, saying, doing is our contract made on "holy
ground". Being made in That "image and likeness" we are eternally on "holy ground".  The outcome is
therefore divinely decreed.  

It is a simple matter of law, steadfast and true for all time.
We are never outside or separated from Tikanga. Tikanga always directs us back to at-one-ment, ONE
with ALL, including the all-inclusive Source.

A conscious understanding and the practice of Tikanga / Immutable Divine Law would  see an end to
mankind's abuse and violence/(violation) of one another and the elimination of the materialism and
systems which devastate.

Every life-form has an inherent defence mechanism to ensure the Divine process. Utu embraces the
natural comeback, disintegration or breakdown process that occurs when man presumes to usurp the
Divine Plan which embraces and maintains ALL i.e. Loves without conditions; and sets up his own.
The singling out, separation, undermining and outright abuse of the female energy ushered in the
disintegration of mankind as a species, no longer Whole, the one true marriage broken in the arrogant,
ignorant mind of man. (Duality, duplicity, conflict, competition is born.) In place of that wholeness,
that sacrosanct union needing no sanction by man, a civil union is man-ufactured to replace it.
Tikanga /Immutable Divine Law does not recognise man's finite attempts to replace the Infinite.
Tikanga continues the Divine process irrespective. Only when mankind values all aspects of itself, 'pulls
itself together', re-integrates itself and lives in alignment, at-one-ment with Tikanga, and all life, will
the disintegration cease and the regeneration commence.