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90.        The 1858 Governor’s Letter to the Maori People is actually part of a hard-covered book called “KO NGA TURE”, The Laws. The very first page of the book spells
out just who’s ture/laws it is talking about; “KO NGA TURE O INGARANI”, the Laws of England.

 Watermarks dating from 1856 appear spasmodically throughout the pages. Queen Victoria adds her stamp of authenticity with featured watermarks of her in her
chariot. Men commissioned to assist with the book are recorded by watermark also: Hutton, Fines, Kent, Monsieurs, Cashdown, Williams, Weatherly.

92.        The format of the book is a page of English Text with an opposite page of Maori text.

93.        The first page reiterates just who’s laws they are
“THE LAWS OF ENGLAND , compiled and translated into the Maori Language by direction of His Excellency
Thomas Gore Browne, C.B., Governor of New Zealand”
at “Auckland, New Zealand 1858”

94.         The next page is the “Table of Contents”. “The Governor’s Letter to the Maori People” is the first item.” No page number is indicated for either item unlike the
remainder of the Contents.

95.        The next page, the
“Introduction” again re-affirms these are “The Laws of England.” It then proceeds with “an explanation of that which is the Law, - the Law
of England. – the Law of the Queen”

96.        It immediately differentiates between “Divine Law” and “Human Law”. Tikanga does not separate the two, all law having alignment with Divine Law. The presumption
here is that outside of Christianity and the Holy Scripture, there is no Divine Law.

97.        A breakdown of Job Descriptions follows: The Queen, the Governor, the Judges, Juries, Lawyers, Sheriff, Coroner, Jury, Grand Jury, Registrar, Magistrates,
Witnesses, the procedures and differentiation between Civil and Criminal processes.

98.        A full section each is then devoted to

99.        Three columns are set out 1. Name and Description of Offence, 2. Penalty of Punishment, 3. The appropriate Court to hear it.

Oral Archiveal Waiata relevant to this information are attached.


1802    After time spent living in Australia tupuna Te Paahi returns home with a tin trunk in which were exotic seeds including guava, gooseberries , quince, passionfruit,
tamarillos and others. These fruits grew around our house even 3 generations later. Our mother spoke to them as if they were people. She ensured they were dried then
regenerated. The trunk was tin because it was believed if a fire happened the contents would survive.

The trunk remained in our family and later became the family treasure chest chock full of rangatira historical documents. Some I saw included the people’s copy of He
Wakaputanga O Te Rangatiratanga O Nu Tirani,  the 99 year Lease Agreement, lands set aside by hapu for schools and hospitals, the Wakaminenga Agreement to loan
the settlers 20 million pounds to help fund the development of the country, whanau international shipping schedules, whanau correspondence with King William IV, the 2nd
copy of the Bible in Maori, landmark details of the burial spot for Kupe’s hearthstone used for karakia and invocations and many other documents.

Wirako Wharerau asked for the trunk and Mum let it go to him. Pat Hohepa had access to it while it was in Wirako’s care. It was never returned and Pat told our mother it
was burned in a fire. Our mother’s words to him were
 “a tona wa Pat, a tona wa.”  The document I carry, the 1858 Letter is just one of the crucial documents that was most
fortunately not in the trunk when Wirako took it.

1803         Ko-hui-a-rau - a collective and national meeting of all the regions held at what is now known as Ko-hui-a-rau. An agreement was reached to accord the new
residents 200 years to come to grips with living in an oranga environment with the rangatira.
The “Rejection Absolute” was sent in 2003 Matariki, 200 years after Ko-

1817         Establishment of Te Awaroa Native Reserve Bank to receive monies from land leases. Those monies were to be used to finance trade and self-
determination. With the introduction of the BNZ the monies ceased being paid to Te Awaroa Native Reserve Bank effectively cutting-off the development of the indigenous

1832         Tupuna gate-crash King William IV of England’s tea-party. He presents his flag and promises he will make arrangements to have it sent to our shores, that if we
raise it we will have entry into over 65 ports worldwide and all protections that go with it. NO consideration was given by Maori at that point merely the offence was offset.

1835        Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, 17th August, 1835 Gazette notice recognizes sovereign National Flag and Ships Register of the Maori Rangatira

1835         He Wakaputanga O Te Rangatiratanga O Nu Tirani

1840         Hone Heke repeatedly cut down the flagpost due to broken Tiriti arrangements.
Hone Heke attempts to trap Governor George Grey at Mokau is recorded in haka
“ Kahore te Ki Patu”

        Her Majesty Queen Victoria issues Royal Instructions by Letters Patent  to the colonial government, reaffirming Her Treaty obligations to Maori.. This was

1984?        99 year lease agreements terminate. The lease agreement of specified lands had been in return for free education, free housing, free health care for Maori.

1994        Revival of Wakaminenga – meeting of  rangatira at Aotea in Kaipara

1999        Delegation of Portfolios – At the hui of our Wakaminenga I was given the portfolio of Cultural Affairs Minister. We were all charged with doing whatever it took to
effect sovereignty by peaceful means.

2002         Rejection Absolute – response to the 1858 Letter of Request actioned under banner Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna Ki Aotearoa. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is
given 2 years to cease all Crown business in New Zealand.

2004         Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna – whanau hapu view and claim their 1858 Letter of Request and the Declaration of Independence 1835. Tino rangatira are chosen
by them and the pledge is made to take care of all mokopuna birthrights.
Website Http:\\www.tewakamokopuna.net is set up.  

2004        28 October Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna – issue directives to Q.E.II, the Governor General, and the N.Z. Government that time is up. The measures to be taken by
the government are outlined. A Re-affirmed Declaration of Independence is included.

2009        Establishment of business Te Kai a Te Rangatira Limited under Te Wakaminenga O Nga Rangatira O Nga Hapu O Aotearoa as a pilot project for tikanga aligned
business practices.

2010        Wakaminenga v House of Windsor in World Court – stage 1 of the application for a world court hearing for humanitarian breaches of the indigenous peoples of
New Zealand. All agreements Maori made were with no-one but the English Monarchy.  (The QCs’ acting for the Wakaminenga  successfully re-instated the rights of the
Inuits and Aborigines.)

12 August 2010 - Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna make a courtesy call to publicly publish Ko Nga Ture to the Waitangi Tribunal and people in attendance at Panguru.