New Zealand's 1st Flag 1834 recording the International Alliance including protections later reaffirmed in
He Wakaputanga O Te Rangatiratanga O Nu Tirani, The Declaration of Independence of the Confederated
Hapu(s) of New Zealand 1835


The flag was gifted by King William IV following personal confrontation by Maori over violation and non-recognition of a Maori trading vessel
and it's flag of flax. The
Declaration of Independence 1835 with the English flag as background is the fulfilment of King William's promise to
send His flag which would be recognised throughout the world, open up more than 60 trading ports worldwide to the Maori nation plus give
protections against challenges to our sovereignty, hence the Maori peoples words of endearment to him in Article 4 of the Declaration.)

PRE-1830 Maori are already international traders at home and on the high seas. They already have their own bank, the "Awaroa Native
Reserve Bank" and  their mail services, "Te Karere", Native Mail or Maori Messenger. They have total guardianship of their 66 million acres,
resources and assets. The country while needing "discovery"  only by the pakeha mentality was never 'lost' to the indigenous people, Te Iwi
Oriori, or their mixed-blood descendants, MA-ORI.

1831 A Maori whanau hapu trading vessel "Ngahuia" is hijacked in the West Indies, the flag they  carried is not recognised. The vessel and all
cargo is confiscated, it's crew dumped. The flag brandished in the hand by our tupuna and not recognised, was  made from harakeke dyed in
the underwing colours of the then already extinct Hokioi, the giant eagle, Maori's way of giving life to that manu/bird.  The tupuna find their
way home again, identify the flag that hijacked them as English, red cross on white background, and determine to confront the offender to
correct the offence.

1832  House of Lords records speak of  "tongue-poking, stick-wielding barefooted, scribble-faced, natives wearing birds alighted the wall at
Buckingham Palace.
. King William IV is confronted and shamed. He promises the aggrieved tupuna he will send his personal trading flag
which will be recognised in over 60 ports worldwide, that they may enjoy all the privileges and protections that go with the flag, and that he
would make arrangements for it to reach our shores
This is our first dealing sovereign to sovereign.  
(P&O, once Union Steamship, as they circle the globe brandishing the hokioi colours and all privileges that go with it, are present day
testament to the agreement between the English Sovereign and Maori Sovereigns.)

1834  The King's promise is kept, the gifted flag with English background is piped ashore at Kororareka Russell from the H.M.S. Alligator to a
21 gun salute, normal for the time
recognising Sovereign to Sovereign protocol, King William IV to the Maori people. Maori choice of flag is
the one with the blue background to represent and include the sea mass in which the land sits under the blue sky above; the repetitive star
pattern, 4 in total, indicating Nga Hau E Wha that all 4 directions of this country is accorded all protection and privileges; the red cross
representing every bloodline; the 8-points of the stars representing the 7 Waka all Maori can whakapapa to while the 8th representing the
protection we accorded any non-Maori who might be in our territories as traders or settlers living under our laws of wellbeing. (All of this is
further recorded in our Founding Document, He Wakaputanga 1835.)

1835  Maori having had their meetings around the country, traditionally recorded for all time in waiata, draw up their Declaration of
Sovereignty and proclaim it to the world, 28 October 1835. Access to the ports, the privileges and protections promised by the English
Monarch, King William IV, implicit in the Flag, is cemented in writing
in perpetuity, dissolution possible ONLY by ROYAL ASSENT.

Should Royal Assent be given or the Flag of the Confederated Hapu(s) of N.Z. be removed all rights and privileges of ALL who have arrived in
N.Z. by any means other than Maori whakapapa/geneaology i.e. through the unlawful processes of the settlers
legislative machinery will have to be likewise removed by the English Monarchy.

Maori sovereignty protected by the English Crown against all-comers, cemented and visible for all to see in the Confederated Hapu(s)'  of Aotearoa,
New Zealand flag and the Declaration of Independence, is guaranteed IN PERPETUITY.

1837  King William IV dies. Queen Victoria, 18 years-old, succeeds.

1839  July -  Rangatira, Te Werowero signs the Declaration of Independence

1840     Te Kawenata Urunga Whenua re-affirms the mana of the Declaration

18 years later 1858

1858 Queen Victoria Requests by personal letter to "the Rangatira, the Lawmakers  and every person of Maori descent " that Maori
consider the adoption of the Laws of England".... which  " you are observing" being practiced by "we the pakeha."  More sovereign to
sovereign correspondence.
 Governor Colonel Thomas Gore Brown, Queen Victoria's secretary of the day is commissioned to write the letter
and presented it in the midst of a war.

The flag representing the Confederated Hapu(s) of Tiritiri-O-Te-Moana /Aotearoa, (New Zealand) holds the English Crown
for all attempts on our sovereignty including that of it's own people, the settlers who are bound to live with us under our laws,
Tikanga/Immutable Divine Law.

The flag representing the Confederated Hapu(s) of Tiritiri-O-Te-Moana / Aotearoa, New Zealand is our continued access to international
support. Should the Queen deny that support we have by virtue of the same flag access to the support of the more than 50 nations who
recognise our flag.

The flag representing the Confederated Hapu(s) of Tiritiri -O-Te-Moana /Aotearoa,(New Zealand) portrays for all time the
sovereign status of Maori in their indigenous homelands. NO other flag before or since eclipses it, or even remotely,
commands protections and privileges equivalent.

The explanatory notes above are history as handed down by traditional Maori wananga and training. The myth that Maori are a conquered
people is quashed. (Why would the English conquer their own flag?)

The information here is an attempt by us to dispense to our own people and any honourable pakeha, the knowledge as recorded by our own
about themselves. Just as many Pakeha today choose not to, or simply cannot understand our people, language or culture after living
with us more than 160 years; it would be reasonable to presume there was even less understanding of us after just 20 years.
(The same ignorance and arrogance that proclaimed the 'discovery' of N.Z. continues.)

We seek no-ones permission to BE. We will NOT be dismissed or legislated out of existence.

We must value our own korero and ancient oral archival processes.
The living word that was in the beginning, SPOKEN WITH INTEGRITY, with mindful awareness of tone, vibration, body language, physical  
presence etc., all revelations to the discerning mind and heart is still the ultimate demonstration and communication means. Herein rests all
that one is, whether individual or nation.
Truth is not seen with the eye or heard with the ear alone. Truth is discerned in the  heart.
  • The waka carrying ALL Mokopuna / Descendants of Aotearoa
New Zealand's 1st National Flag  –  International Alliance established.