1.  What is Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna Ki Aotearoa (TWONMKA)?
TWONMKA is the vehicle embracing the Living Souls, forever Sovereign Beings, (Rangatira/  Absolute Mokopuna) identifying as such,who adhere to the Lore/Laws
of Tikanga/IMMUTABLE Divine Law common to all disadvantageous to none, and the ultimate law incumbent on all who reside or do business in the traditionally
known territories of Aotearoa.Collectively the Sovereign Beings are in effect the modern day equivalent of the Confederated Hapu of Nu Tireni, first documented in,
yet existing before and beyond inviolate, the Declaration of Independence 1835.

2.   What are the objectives of Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna Ki Aotearoa?
Recognition of one's right to BE, without violation of another, and an end to all practices built on abuse. Responsibility for Restoration of wellbeing starting  
with one’s self, extending outward to the whanau, the community, the nation, the planet, the universe.

3.   What is the Letter of 1858 from Queen Victoria?
It is a Letter of Request signed by Governor Colonel Thomas Gore Browne written to the “Chiefs, the Lawmakers of the Chiefs and every person of Maori descent
right throughout the lands”
speaking of how “you (Maori) are observing how we the Pakeha practice our laws among ourselves”, and offering these “Laws of England
for consideration by that one and that one.”

4.   How can you say it is Queen Victoria’s Letter and not Governor Thomas Gore Browne’s?
The laws being offered are Queen Victoria’s, the LAWS OF ENGLAND. The watermarks in the pages and laws are Queen Victoria’s, not the Governor’s.

5.   How can you say the Letter quashes the Treaty of Waitangi 1840?
Why would Maori who were greater in number; who were sovereign enjoying freedom of passage and domain; who were rich in food, resources and assets; who
had their own bank; who were not conquered; who had their own ancient laws, language and history requiring no written format; who were trading
internationally long before the English arrived; who had access to over 60 ports worldwide for trading purposes; and who already had the protection of the
mightiest nation of the time...... WHY??? would they break their own code and law within 5 years( or 6months in the case of TE WEROWERO) of declaring their
nation to the world? Then, if it was a ‘done deal’ in 1840 why is Queen Victoria holding a cannon to our tupunas’ heads in 1858 while
requesting they consider the
adoption of her laws?

The Treaty does not and cannot repeal, revoke or in any way diminish the mana of the Founding Document, the Declaration of Independence 1835.  The
Treaty, if it has any credibility at all, must be considered in context with that.
As a follow on to the Declaration which has Maori promising to take care of the pakeha who are here for trade or who choose to live among us
under our laws;
the only concession given the pakeha in the Treaty is the right to practice his own cultural governance structure over himself, just as kawa applies.
EXEMPTION to that governance structure being under the laws of the land, Tikanga; is NOT GRANTED.  

6.  If the Treaty is invalid what does that mean for Maori and the country?

i) It means the 1835 Declaration of Independence IS and always has been the Founding Document of our nation .

ii) It means the Flag of the Confederated Hapu(s) of Aotearoa New Zealand is the only true flag.

iii  It means Maori are sovereign, not subject, to any foreign establishments or laws.

iv) It means that all assets, resources etc forever remain in the care of the Maori people, NONE are lost.

v) It means the laws of Tikanga/Divine Immutable Law, never ceded, IS the law incumbent on all who live here.

vi) It means the government, it's structures and all it's processes is unlawful.

vii) It means the Sovereign Authority Orders served on the government 2 Nov., 2004 by the mokopuna and whanau hapus', Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna Ki
Aotearoa, and received by the Queen 5 Nov, 2004, has
lawfully reaffirmed Maori as the Sovereign Authority of Aotearoa, N.Z.

viii) It means N.Z. already is a Republic, The Confederated Hapus' of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

ix) It means the Queen's role in N.Z., that of 'protector' only against any attempts on our sovereignty, guaranteed in perpetuity by King William IV in the 1835
Declaration of Independence, is
not a matter for public debate, rather a sovereign to sovereign agreement that Maori have in perpetuity.
It means
the constitution is founded in the Declaration of Independence 28 October 1835, and as re-iterated 28 October 2004.

x) It means Maori need to come together as one, OUTSIDE..  the colonial system that holds them subject, enslaved; solely sovereign, and implement the
design of the tupuna that honours all people

7.  Isn't this just another waka?
Decide for yourself. The freedom of the Maori people is already established by Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna  Ki Aotearoa in the Rejection Absolute 2002. Our
mokopunas' legacy is intact, the initial objectives already achieved. The Waka's direction is clear, transparent and precise, it's mokos' committed; to love.
Pakeha and Maori are freed from the roles of abuser and victim, no longer reactors but creators. We all individually and collectively become responsible and
It is first your individual choice, your whanau's, your communities, your nations, whether your talk of freedom and betterment is simply that.... talk!! .... or whether
you can now walk that talk.

8.  Why has Wharetatao got the Letter?
The Letter is Wharetatao’s whakapapa’s original. Her grandmother’s death notice in her grandfather’s handwriting confirms this. Wharetatao agreed with, has
chosen to honour and is fully committed, to the collective tupunas from all whakapapas’, request; who charged her with taking their love and korero out to ALL
their Mokopuna. She has done exactly this.

9.  Was the Letter answered?
At the time, with the English Crown’s cannon at their heads the answer was a swift ‘wipe on the bum’ and carry on fighting. The official reply, the REJECTION
ABSOLUTE, went back to Queen Elizabeth 9 November 2002 under the collective header, Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna Ki Aotearoa

10.  How come the government does not have a copy?
We cannot answer for the governments caretaking of documents that do not fulfill their agenda. Since the Letter clearly contradicts the ‘history’ sold us all,
who knows? The Truth remains regardless of all questions and debate.
Maori have their Letter, which confirms beyond doubt the environment of the day. The
Laws of England and it's offspring including all it’s structures had and HAVE NO AUTHORITY in New Zealand.

11.  Why was the Letter not brought forward before now?
The tupuna(s) that entrusted the care of the Letter and handed down the oral archival knowledge instructed that the work was not to begin until the
messenger was in her 50s’
when they believed there would have been a cloaking of the planet, a shift in awareness such that their mokos’ and people in
general would value and embrace Truth, and the messenger would be ready to commit fully.

12.  What does the Judiciary and Government have to say about the Letter?
The Waka is not concerned with opinions or beliefs (baseless of Truth), regardless of the perceived, conferred or professed status of anyone; including all
institutions, agencies, whatever, exposed by their own systems as unlawful.
The energy of the Waka is fully committed to the Mokopuna and
Tikanga/Immutable Divine Law, common to all, disadvantageous to none.

13.  Has the Letter been viewed by the Courts, the Government, the Governor General, the Queen?
The Letter was authenticated, used, and should be recorded so, in a court case, Emery vs Crown initially 17 Jun, 24/25 August 2003.
Queen Elizabeth replied to notarised copies sent her, 11 Dec 2002.
The Governor General and government received copies from the Queen
16 Jan 2003.

14.   Who voted Wharetatao spokesperson, leader, frontperson?
Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna Ki Aotearoa is filled with Mokopuna only. There is no leader, no gender issues, jockeying for position, educational requirement,
barriers.  We are all simply mokopuna, caring for mokopuna. Like a well-honed orchestra every instrument is responsible and accountable for it’s contribution to
the resulting harmonious symphony. Those who are not in harmony are encouraged to attend to their instrument rather than look to, or criticise, another’s.
This walk is for those who choose it, otherwise it would not be sovereign,
subject to none and holding no-one subject.

15.  Was the Letter taken to the Maori Party?
The message is for the Mokopuna. The Mokopuna in the Maori Party are equally able to claim their right to the taonga, by virtue of the way the Letter is
addressed. (The loss of any other whakapapas’ letter does not preclude them).
Our paper-trail shows we have made several earnest attempts to contact the Maori Party. (Clearly the timing was not right.) However allegiance/subjection to
policies, the Crown and Treaty impugn one's sovereignty.

16. Was the Letter brought forward for the Foreshore?
The messenger and the Letter were accorded 3 minutes only, by the hui at Paeroa 2003 before being physically turfed out. (Clearly not the time, the place or the
forum to bring it forward.)  Throughout the Hikoi various people who were interested got to view the Letter and hear the korero including those in the packed
dining room at the
Porirua Marae 2004. (Those who could ‘hear’, heard).

17.  What do you say to those who would call you  ‘nutters’ or ‘off the planet’?
TRUTH IS ‘off the planet’, being 'known', ‘tangible’ and discernible only in the heart. Our objective is to align head-learning with heart-wisdom, for head-
learning alone has us adrift in the sea of materialism. Name-calling and abuse reflect the mentality of the caller. They are the tools of fear and oppression and are
used to distract and deceive. We do not venture down trails proven destructive for centuries. Our sovereignty is dependent on our remaining focused and true.

18.  Why have mainstream media not picked up on Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna Ki Aotearoa?
We can only observe that Truth is not policy to mainstream media. All 3 attempts to have them inform the public received only thunderous silence. Te Kaea and
Te Karere did accord some time.

19. How many in your organisation?
We are not an organisation. We are individuals intent on ensuring we personally align ourselves with Tikanga/Immutable Divine Law, that we then do not abuse
the rights of others equally sovereign in their own being. In alignment, at-one-ment, with Tikanga we recognise that we are One.
Under Tikanga/Divine Law/
TRUTH, One is a majority, there being no Other

20.  Do you have any vision as to how the new system would  work under the Sovereign Authority of Maori?
Yes. The plan passed through by the tupuna is already detailed, feasible and ready for implementation. See Governance.

21.  So what do you expect to happen from here?
We trust the Maori people will put aside all personal agendas, accept this koha from their tupuna, pick up their Whanau hapu’s oar and wearing the korowai of
Mokopuna only, loved, loving and equal;
move forward as one in alignment with Tikanga, and lay the ultimate foundation for the wellbeing of the nation.
We trust those who for whatever reason have left their own indigenous homelands, will also put aside all personal agendas, accept the gift from the Maori people
to live peacefully here with us under Tikanga/Immutable Divine Law, common to all, disadvantageous to none; recognise the Sovereign Authority of Maori over
their indigenous homeland, resources and assets, and build with us a nation not built on deceit, theft and abuse; rather a nation of nations founded on Integrity,
Truth and Respect for all Life.

22.   Why do you not show your signatures on the Sovereign Authority Orders?
We are not about showcasing personalities. Our business and focus is purely ensuring the laws of Tikanga/Immutable Divine Law, become the normal and
legitimate practice incumbent on all who live in Tiritiri-O-Te-Moana/Aotearoa, New Zealand. The mokopuna or ringa rau taka that do the work are simply servants
of the divine process, Sovereign Beings, as we all are if we so acknowledge and identify ourselves.

23.         Is T.W.O.N.M.K.A. a political party?
No. TWONMKA seeks to free indigenous people, still conscious of their Sovereign Being status from enslavement and  subjection to any inferior alien culture, and
free that culture from their ongoing continuous abuse of indigenous peoples. Politics, requiring the shelving of IMMUTABLE/DIVINE LAW for man's inferior civil
practices and processes can only bring conflict with Life and wellbeing.

24.         How does T.W.O.N.M.K.A. differ from political parties?
T.W.O.N.M.K.A. is not bound by politics and policies. T.W.O.N.M.K.A. is aligned with IMMUTABLE/DIVINE Law. The focus is on conscious living and individual
wellbeing stemming from inherent integrity.
Politics require man's separation from Divine Law, exaltation of the written word over oral and the 'profess'ed over  exper(t)ience, individual subjugation to parties
and policies, police to police the policies, courts to create the criminals to justify the political processes, prisons to house the criminals thus created, a ready supply
of people to become criminals and an education system that supports all of the above, the blind leading the blind process.  The wellbeing of the nation is thus

25. Do you expect the government to take any notice?
We have no expectations of government. Centuries of abuse of other peoples', their cultures and resources, in the belief that it is okay will not make it easy for
them to admit their practices are
repugnant and in total violation of Life itself. Centuries of accumulating physical wealth and adulation will likewise not make it
easy for them to give up these 'luxuries' acquired at the expense of others. Bluff, lies, more intense abuse will be their response.  Regardless,
T.W.O.N.M.K.A. has
a responsibility and commitment to the mokopuna
past, present and future to make every effort to ensure the legacy we leave them is abundant, quality of life;

26. What of the Treaty Claims?
While the government can keep Maori impoverished and focused on money, their  processes will have a life. The manuhiri/guests will have accomplished the
takeover of this country. The lives lost, sacrifices, abuse endured and absolute rejection of their inferior ways by our tupuna, are thus demeaned. T.W.O.N.M.K.A.
consciously chooses to give no time or energy in support of the goverments latest 'carrots'.

27. How can we help?
Stop feeding the beast. Wake up!! Stand up. Say "NO, it is NOT okay." Know your True and Lawful place. Contact the Waka and offer your support. Email
  • The waka carrying ALL Mokopuna / Descendants of Aotearoa
email:    twonmka@yahoo.com