2002      Queen Elizabeth II Response to Rejection Absolute
  • The waka carrying ALL Mokopuna / Descendants of Aotearoa
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How to read the above letter:

1. Receipt of our, the Maori people's, Rejection Absolute of 9 November 2002 and enclosures, that is High Court authenticated
copies of Queen Victoria's original letter; has been  acknowledged. History records it so!!!

2. The Queen through her chosen medium of reply has confirmed she cannot and/or will not intervene. Clearly she is NOT the Maori
peoples monarch. We are NOT her subjects, never have been and never could be.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II directs us to those responsible, again the medium through which she acts; the Governor General who
acts on the advice of her ministers.
Clearly she hopes the integrity of her own people will come forth to extricate both Her
Majesty and her people from the ungracious and highly exposed position she and they now find themselves in.

The writer confirms she is being instructed by Her Majesty.

5. The Queen herself informs her subjects the Governor General and her ministers of the rejection of Queen Victoria's 1858 request
to have the Laws of England adopted in this land. (The receipt of this documentation by the Governor General 16 January 2003 is the
date that Tikanga is re-established beyond doubt the un-ceded law of the land.)

6. All of the above being TRUE, treason is not cited.