12 August - Wharetatao King, as a matter of courtesy, not as a claimant, addressed the Waitangi Tribunal at
Panguru re He Wakaputanga o Te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni 1835 and the 1858 Letter of Request. Her korero had
the full support of rangatira from
Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna hapu and Te Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu O Aotearoa.
Support was also evident from Jeremy Bioletti and Alamein Emery. Time was limited to 1 hour so the entire evidence
was not given.

However, evidence that
was given assures us He Wakaputanga applied and remains applicable to rangatira across
the whole country.
The Declaration in 1835 is ours, that is, "Maoridom's greatest living document" .
the Governor's Letter to the Maori People, 1858 Letter of Request was published to the
. It can no longer be ignored.

A copy of the
original rangatira statement is set up on this website. The 3rd party edited version that was put
forward and accepted by the Tribunal will be attached at some point. While we are grateful for gaining access to the
public forum, the edited version is like the original carvings that had their raho cut off by the uneducated to make
them acceptable to their limited mind-set. The mana, virility and vitality of the written was raped. Fortunately and
naturally, the oral performance made up for any shortcomings demonstrating  the  authenticity beyond doubt of
Maori mana as can only be experienced by the living expression.


21 May - -Template for answer to NOTICE OF FINE

11 May - United Nations - letter sent in response to U.N. Report by Special Rapporteur

28 April - Update - Royal reply to Rejection Absolute clarified

28 April-
Police - Response to letter from police re 9 April action over seatbelt fine.

22 April - Inland Revenue - Letter to IRD re authority to tax and Exemption from Taxes

19 April - Crown & CROWN status including land ownership clarified in correspondence to Governor General and Prime Minister

9 April -  Debt Collectors - Letter to Debt Collectors clarifying their status

9 April - Police - Seatbelt Fine  "I HAVE NO CONTRACT WITH YOU" written across fine and returned to N.Z. Police

8 April -  Credit Card debt : Letter to bank regarding same

1-2 April - Meeting with author of  "How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man" freely
shared with world - STRENGTHENS Maori stance -  knowledge learned will be put into practice by TWONMKA. (See

February - Wananga continue

December - Offer of Global financial assistance for 'sovereign peoples' rejected by T.W.O.N.M.K.A. due to subjugation requirement
by local negotiators.
TWONMKA is sovereign, subject to none and holding no-one subject... this is TIKANGA.

26 November - Welcome to new Whanau Hapu

13 August-  T.W.O.N.M.K.A.  congratulates 17year-old TIHI KING on being crowned winner of the  Miss New Zealand's Model of
the World in the Miss Asia Pacific Competition.

13 April  -
more questions and answers

26 December- Personal response to Ministry of 'Justice' criminal intent.

24 December - PREDATOR page added to website following government agency communications

17 December - Letter from Ministry of Justice added to website - 'laws' which are crimes for you and me are OKAY??? if
perpetrated by the 'Justice' system unlawfully posing as 'government'

14 December - Sovereign Auth. notification of breach of Tikanga served on LTSA, copied to District Court Wanganui

9 December - Tikanga updates some relating to court cases ' kai ewe, mauri, mana, ihi, wehi, utu.'

8 December-  Radio Waatea 603am  - interview with Titewhai Harawira after 8pm  APOLOGIES HOST OUT OF TOWN

7 December -
STRATEGIES of TWONMKA , and Kawa added to website.

6 December - IRD served Sovereign Orders by Sovereign Authority- incomes under $100,000 exempt from taxes - if you wish to
abide by the legitimate  laws of  this country exercise your rights under the law of the collective Confederated Hapus of Aotearoa,
New Zealand.

5 December - Governance Module posted to website.

3 December - Sov. to Sov. correspondence," DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE" dated 28 October 2004, and enclosures to
H.M.QE2 posted to website.

1 December -  Received H.M.QE2 Reply dated 22 November can now reveal the mokos' directives given and received by H.M.
QE2, 5 November.

27 November - TWONMKA offer wananga support to the whanau occupation in Pipiriki. Explain the mana and authority of the
Flag of the Confederated Hapus of Aotearoa ,N.Z., Declaration of Indep. 1835.

26 November - Why we should understand the Flag marking the Declaration of Independence 1835, and how we can use it.

25 November - Frequently Asked Questions  loaded on to website as result of mokopuna requests. Advise us by e-mail of
additional questions.

19 November - Basic website goes live. TWONMKA able to make information transparent for all to see. Mokopuna now fully
informed of  all activities of TWONMKA. No hidden agendas, power plays, deceits.

10 November - Dawn expiry of 2 year period accorded Her Majesty, in the Rejection ABSOLUTE,  for cessation of Crown business
in Aotearoa. Press Release rejected by mainstream media, aired on Te Karere and Te Kaea.

5 November -  Her Majesty QE2 receives Sovereign Letter from TWONMKA along with Sovereign Authority Orders served on 'N.Z.
Govt.' and
Declaration of Independence 2004.

2 November - Gov. Gen, Prime Minister, Executive Council, Judiciary, Legislature, Min's of Justice, Finance, Defence served
Sovereign Authority Orders.

24/25 August - Kawa Legislative Word  under Tikanga- "manu-hiri" , frees the mokopuna already convicted by jury on all 5

16 July - Mokopuna convicted in trial by jury of 5 counts fraud awaits sentence.  Mokopuna's defence and plea for the past 3
years  "You have no jurisdiction over me.... my plea is NO PLEA". The 1858 Letter of Request is introduced for the  first time into
court system. 3 days are set aside to verify authenticity and impact of sovereign letters.

16 January - Governor General receives forwarded 1858 Letter from Queen Victoria and the mokopunas' Rejection Absolute, from

11 December - QE2 replies to TWONMKA re Mokopunas' Rejection Absolute.

9 November - Queen Victoria's Letter of Request is answered on behalf of all Recipients' mokopuna, REJECTION ABSOLUTE.

A 7year-old child is charged by elders from around the country with answering the Letter of Request 1858, when she is in her
50s. Intensive training in ancient archival Rangatira history already begun at age 3, continues for the next 9 years.

Rangatira from around the country meet in Kohuiarau Ranges and agree that no reply is the official reply, at this time, to the
Letter of  Request 1858.

April   - Queen Victoria commissions Gov. Col. Thomas Gore Browne to write to "the Chiefs, the Lawmakers and every person of
Maori descent", the
Letter of Request (April 1858). ALL English Laws invalid in New Zealand, no governance authority ever given
by Maori.

1840 ?????  DECEPTION ABSOLUTE - the Treaty of Waitangi

6 February -  6 months after the last signature on Declaration of Independence ????
- approx 2000 pakeha, 300,000 Maori in residence ?????
- our "protection" already established in perpetuity, with the most powerful nation of the time ????
- our laws forever unceded, (as further evidenced by 1858 Letter of Request) ????
- the settlers agenda and licence to violate every life process for economic and material gain; kill, imprison, oppress, dispossess,
confiscate, send children offshore, dismember families, suppress the language and oral archival history, impose repugnant
practices passed off as law etc., etc., etc,

July - the last Rangatira signature, TE WERO WERO, is added to the Declaration of Independence 1835.


28 October - Rangatira proclaim to the world, in their Founding Document,  the Declaration of
Independence of the Confederated Hapu(s), (by definition a Republic), of  Nu Tireni. The law authority,
status of non-Maori, national flag inclusive of international trading rights and privileges, and pledged
protective role of the English on any "attempts to ascend our sovereignty", cemented in time in
perpetuity.  The role of the "Crown" clear.
The gifted flag recognises the independent sovereign status and incorporates their commitment to ALL
who trade with, and/or reside, in the territories of Tiritiri-O-Te-Moana, Aotearoa 'New Zealand'.
hold true to their promises today.

Flag promised by King William IV, in lieu of confiscation and non-recognition of hokioi-coloured, harakeke flag carried by the
Rangatira people,  piped ashore from H.M.S. Alligator, to a 21-gun salute, i.e. sovereign nation to sovereign nation.

Offended Rangatira go to England to confront the owner of the ship and flag, and seek redress for the repugnant acts the
previous year i.e.confiscation of Maori ship, cargo and abandonment  of crew on foreign shores. King William IV duly confronted
and embarrassed in his own garden at Buckingham Palace, promises to send his flag which will allow them access to more than
60 ports internationally and accord them all rights, privileges and protection.  (The first sovereign to sovereign interaction
showing the awareness of Rangatira that no-one was above them, ALL are sovereign.)

A Rangatira vessel enters a port in the West Indies brandishing their flag, a hip-worn hokioi-coloured flag made of harakeke. The
flag is not recognised and the ship and cargo are confiscated, the crew dumped. The offending ship's  flag, a red cross on white

The Rangatira people enjoy trading internationally well before the pakeha's maritime ignorance is revealed in their 'discovery' of
'New Zealand'. (Similar to their 'discovery' that the world is not flat, herbalists are not witches, etchings with a pen can not
supercede the etchings in one's heart, the world's wisdom and knowledge is not dependent on 'discovery' by  white men etc.,
etc. )
Rangatira have their own, the only and first bank in New Zealand, the Awaroa Native Reserve Bank.
Rangatira have their own, the only and first  mail and courier service in New Zealand, Te Karere, Maori Mail, Native Messenger
Rangatira have their own and only law in the land, Tikanga/Immutable Divine Law.
Rangatira have undisputed total guardianship ('ownership' to the pakeha mentality) of the entire territories of New Zealand.
Rangatira enjoy freedom of spirit, the right to 'be'.
Tiritiri-O-Te-Moana, it's resources, fauna and flora is in it's pristine state, as maintained and sustained by the practice of Tikanga,
the Rangatira people's health and wellbeing likewise.
  • The waka carrying ALL Mokopuna / Descendants of Aotearoa