The waka carrying ALL mokopuna descendants of Aotearoa
DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 1835  (English Translation of MAORI Announcement to the World)

                       DECLARATION OF THE INDEPENDENCE OF NEW ZEALAND  28 October 1835

(Official translation by the Authorised Representative, specifically trained in the ancient oral archival knowledge, and kaitiaki/guardian
on behalf of the Recipients’ of the Late
Queen Victoria’s 'Letter of Request' 1858)

1.        We the ABSOLUTE Chieftain lines of the peoples of New Zealand, from the borders of Hauraki South, stand with the meeting held
in Waitangi in the northern region on the 28th day of October 1835, and declare the sovereignty of our lands. We declare in collective
agreement that
our lands are sovereign and will be known as the Confederation of Hapu(s) of New Zealand.

2.        Is it the King’s authority here in the land of the Confederation of Hapu(s) of New Zealand?
It is declared at our meetings that the power resides with the Chiefs alone that have the authority.  We declare also that
PERMIT the framing of laws by any peoples, nor any other governmental structure to establish itself
in the lands of the Confederation
of Hapu(s) of New Zealand. We acknowledge
only persons appointed by us, who are in agreement with the authority of our laws, as
declared at our meetings.

3.        We the ABSOLUTE Chiefs’ have said that we will meet in Waitangi in the autumn of every year for the purpose of creating laws
to ensure correct management and procedures in international and regional trade to ensure safety and wellbeing through the
elimination of incorrect practices so we as a people have honourable, transparent trade dealings, to
instruct the newcomers to
abandon their ways in our land, and to come under the umbrella of the Confederation of Hapu(s) of New Zealand.

4.        We have instructed the writing of an exact copy of our Declaration be sent to the King of England as an expression of our
endearment and love,
for it is he that has agreed to the FLAG we have. We have agreed that we will embrace and take care of the
Pakeha who live alongside us and those who are arriving here for purposes of trade. Therefore, we instruct the King of England to
remain in place as a Guardian, during the early stages of our new growth, lest anyone attempt to ascend our sovereignty.

This is agreed to and declared by us on this day 28th October 1835, in the presence of King William IV of England’s representative.
(There follow the marks or signatures of Chiefs)  

This FOUNDING DOCUMENT  affirms the independent Republic status of the CONFEDERATED HAPU(s) of New Zealand,  and the true
flag of New Zealand.

Note: The Declaration of Independence was first signed on 28th October 1835 by 34 Sovereigns. The last name was added on 22 July
1839, making a total of 52 Chiefs.

Note from Te Waka O Nga Mokopuna Ki Aotearoa:  

It is purported by written English history 6 months later (February 1840) after declaring themselves to the world, that Maori entered into
a “settlers agenda”  Treaty to establish a partnership which would in effect violate every fibre of their being, culture and law.

The deliberate suppression of the Maori language which holds the oral history in its very structure, by the settlers presumptuous
political vehicle, followed by the imposed English based education system further consolidated the deliberate attempts to deceive the
nation and world.  

However, it was normal practice in Maori society to look far into the future. They trained specific children in the various art forms that
would ensure preservation of their people, culture and spirituality; their  treasures. The oral archival knowledge is one such art form
and treasure. Today that knowledge is alive and well.

Should you wish to avail yourself of Truth and/or be instrumental in ensuring the wellbeing of a people and nation you may learn more
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                                               He Wakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni  28 October 1835

1.        Ko matou, ko nga Tino Rangatira o nga iwi o Nu Tireni i raro mai o Hauraki kua oti nei te huihui i Waitangi i Tokerau i t era 28 o
Oketopa 1835, ka wakaputa I te rangatiratanga o to matou whenua a ka meatia ka waka putaia e matou he Wenua Rangatira, kia
huaina, Ko te Wakaminenga o nga Hapu O Nu Tireni.

2.        Ko te Kingitanga ko te mana i te wenua o te Wakaminenga o Nu Tireni ka meatia nei kei nga Tino Rangatira anake i to matou
huihuinga, a ka mea hoki e kore tukua e matou e te wakarite ture ki te tahi hunga ke atu, me te tahi kawanatanga hoki kia meatia nei i
te wenua o te Wakaminenga o Nu Tireni, ko nga tangata anake e meatia nei e matou e wakarite ana ki te ritenga o o matou ture e
meatia nei matou i to matou huihuinga.

3.        Ko matou nga Tino Rangatira ka mea nei kia huihui ki te runanga ki Waitangi a te Ngahuru  i tenei tau, i tenei tau, ki te wakarite
ture kia tika ai te wakawakanga, kia mau pu te rongo kia mutu te he kia tika te hokohoko, a ka mea hoki ki nga tauiwi o runga, kia
wakarerea te wawai, kia mahara ai ki te wakaoranga o to matou wenua, a kia uru ratou ki te Wakaminenga o Nu Tireni.

4.        Ka mea matou kia tuhituhia he puka puka ki te ritenga o tenei o to matou wakaputunga nei ki  te Kingi o Ingarani hei kawe atu i
to matou aroha nana hoki i wakae ki  te Kara mo matou. A no te mea ka atawai matoua, ka tiaki i nga pakeha e noho nei i uta, e rere
mai ana ki  te hokohoko, koia ka mea ai matou ki  te Kingi kia waiho hei matua ki a matou i to matou Tamarikitanga kei wakakahoretia
to matou Rangatiratanga.

Kua wakaaetia katoatia e matou i tenei ra i te  28 Oketopa, 1835, ki te aroaro O te Reireneti o te Kingi O Ingarani.

Note: This text is a copy of that copied from facsimilies of the Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Waitangi, Wellington 1976

(The Declaration was first signed on 28 October 1835 by 34 chiefs. The last name was added on 22 July 1839, making a total of 52 chiefs.)